Bhutan Tourism is a relatively new and its policy is a noble one founded on the principles of long term sustainability – covering the sphere of social, culture, environment, ecological and economic, thus directly translating into the well-being of population, simultaneously empowering the conservative efforts towards its pristine environment, traditional & cultural heritage.

Bhutan recognizes tourism as an important means of achieving socio-economic development and also a force of promoting deeper understanding among people and to strengthen ties of friendship based on a deeper appreciation and respect for different cultures and lifestyles. However, also aware that an unrestricted flow of tourists could negatively impact Bhutan’s pristine environment and unique culture without much contribution to the economic prosperity, Bhutan adopted a policy of ‘high-value, low-volume’ tourism in order to control the type and quantity of tourism right from the start.

All tourists visiting Bhutan must book a full inclusive tour that includes minimum tourist standard hotels (where available) or camp on the treks, tour, transport, visa along with a guide through a tour operator in Bhutan or their partner overseas, paying at least minimum set tariff that also includes daily tourist fees that directly contributes to Government treasury that directly goes for the welfare of its people.

From the outset, there were underlying clarity in its perception in term of Bhutan Tourism Policy, sustainabilty was the cornerstone. With time, tourism evolved and grew in stature , a cautious and gradual approach was initiative to ensure that it is not at the expense of its pristine environment, social, culture and tradition values.
Bhutan’s main tourist attractions are its tradition, culture, the way of life, its religious festival, historic monuments, pristine nature and hospitable people. And there is all round efforts on Goverment’s part to protect and preserve these elements. To an extent that it is underpinned in Gross National Happiness projects as one of the major pillars sustaining it. With the prescribed minimun tariff in place and the sanctity of Bhutan as unique destination will make your trip an exclusive and distinctive experience.

So when you visit, you are among the few and that each day that you spend holidaying in Bhutan contributes directly to the population and not merely a few hoteliers but also it impact in the arena of education, healthcare, generating employment to the grassroots level, conservation efforts etc.