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Bhutan is a sanctuary of harmonious evolution in the heart of the eastern Himalayas. The people live in harmony with nature and have a unique identity, a tresure house of artist, the magic of monasteries and the trek of lifetime

Welcome to Bhutan

Bhutan is a small Himalayan Kingdom wedged between its neighboring state of India and China. A country size of the Switzerland is home to just over 790,000 people. Its primeval history prior to the unification and conception of modern day Bhutan is filled with series of Tibetan Buddhist saints travelling across the valley preaching Buddhism. The era marked the genesis of a deeply rooted Buddhist nation. Its subsequent consolidation of the land under single authority was marked with the construction of gigantic fortresses on ridges overlooking the valley across different region. The presence of these fortresses across the valley symbolizes the recognition of a central authority and solidarity. Barring its negligible barter trade and religion inspired cultural exchange with Tibet and India; Bhutan lived through a period of self-imposed isolation until the mid-20th century. This extended period of isolation impervious to globalization has aided in the preservation of its unique heritage.

Travel Information

All visitors to Bhutan require a visa to enter the country. Visa clearance must be obtained before coming to Bhutan and travel must be booked through a Bhutanese tour operator or international partner. Indian, Bangladeshis and Maldivian nationals can receive a visa on entry and it is not necessary for them to book travel through a tour operator, however it is recommended. In the case of Indian nationals, a passport or voters card are acceptable on entry.

If you are planning to visit Bhutan during Spring and Autumn season. Due to limited flights and seats available, We recommend you to reserve your flight ticket few months ahead and plan your trip to Bhutan